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The MTV Triumvirate

A High School Humanities Elective (Vanguard Classical School, Fall 2019). This course examines the careers of Prince, Michael Jackson, and Madonna through a sociological lens. Students do readings and research on queer, postcolonial, gender, racial, and political theory to gain an understanding of how the three artists reacted to and created the zeitgeist of the 1980s through today. They analyze music videos through class discussions and ultimately write a term paper on how the artists’ music videos relate to a theme of their work.

Key Texts: Moonwalker, Evita, Purple Rain, albums from individual artists

Introduction to Creative Writing (English 223:001)

A sophomore level creative writing workshop (University of Louisiana, Spring 2014). This course offers students instruction in the fundamentals of creative writing through a careful study of three major literary genres (short story, poem, and drama), with analysis specifically focused on language.  Students also sharpen and further develop critical thinking, reading, and writing skills. Students critique one another’s work and study key texts through creative and critical responses. Major authors: Karen Russell, Jhumpa Lahiri, Alice Munro, Denis Johnson, David Mamet, Eugene O’Neill.

Writing and Research about Culture (English 102:002, 102:053, 102:069)

Freshman research and composition (University of Louisiana, Spring 2014, Spring 2013). This course explores cultural themes, which students build on in order to advance the thinking, reading, and writing skills learned in English 101. The theme is cross-cultural communication, with particular focus on Americanization, globalization, and postcolonial theory, as learned through the study of various key texts and films, and several articles.

Key texts: Jungle Fever (dir. Spike Lee); International Views: America and the Rest of the World; They Say/I Say

Introduction to Academic Writing (English 101:004, 101:114, 101:007, 101:025)

Freshman composition (Univ. of Louisiana, Fall 2013, Fall 2012). This required course for undergraduate students offers instruction in critical thinking, reading, writing, and speaking skills through an intensive examination of the process of forming, structuring and articulating arguments, and through the study of various key texts and films, and several articles.

Key texts: University of Louisiana Freshman Guide to Writing; Writing Arguments

Rhetoric and Composition for the English Writer (English 001)

Teacher’s aid, one-on-one tutor for freshman composition (Mills College, Fall 2011).