Full-length books

Dance on Saturday, a short story collection forthcoming from Small Beer Press in 2020.

Hard Times Blues, a short story collection published by Six Gallery Press in 2013.

The Jack Daniels Sessions EP, a short story collection published by Six Gallery Press in 2010.

Non-fiction (selected)

“All Roads Leading Home,” Grist: The Journal for Writers, February 2015.

“Leiji Matsumoto, Bushido, Manhood, and Womanhood,” a multi-part article published from January 2014 to April 2014 in Black Gate.

“Futuristic Myth: The Space Opera of Leiji Matsumoto,” Black Gate, December 2013.

“The Beautiful Nightmare of The Time Masters,” Black Gate, November 2013.

“Grit and Social Dynamics in ‘Smoke Ghost,’” Weird Fiction Review, November 2013.

“The Ins and Outs of DIY Touring,” Black Gate, September 2013.

“. . . And the Whites, His Favorite, Carved a Cruel Idiot God,” Weird Fiction Review, January 2013.

“Trauma and Connection in ‘The Boy in the Tree,’” Weird Fiction Review, November 2012.

“Film essay: Dreamchild,” Cabinet des Fees, July 2012.

“Yoshiaki Kawajiri’s Urban Hells,” Weird Fiction Review, January 2012.

“Legends from Fairyland,” Cabinet des Fees, January 2011.


Short Story

“Reunion,” The Thought Erotic, November 2018.

“Triggered (excerpt),” If I Told Napoleon, January 2017.

“Reunion,” The Oakland Review, January 15, 2017.

“The Piper’s Christmas Gift,” Quail Bell, November 2013.

“The Lucky Ones,” Writing Without Walls Vol. 7, March 2012.

“Graveyard Shift,” published August 2010 as liner notes to the album Awaken Necropolis.

“Graveyard Shift,” Cyberpunk Apocalypse Vol. III., July 2010.

“When the Law Come,” The Dirty Napkin, Sept. 2009.

“Sacred Duty,” Outsider Ink, Fall 2006.

“Flight,” The Fairfield Review, Spring 2006 (voted Readers’ Choice).

“Flight,” The Front Weekly, June 2005.



“Untitled,” Oatmeal Magazine. April 2015.

“Salem Scheherazade,” The Southwestern Review, April 2013.



“The Revelation of John” (excerpt), Encyclopedia Project Vol. 3.


Fellowships and Awards

Teaching fellowship, University of Louisiana (2012-2014)

Interdisciplinary Writers Lab scholarship (2011)

Graduate English Alumnae Scholarship, Mills College (2010-2012)

Anacostia Watershed Initiative Educational Grant (2006)

Faculty-selected attendee for Three Rivers Review Writers’ Retreat (2005)

Full academic scholarship, University of Pittsburgh (2002-2005)